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The Canadian Securities electronic and public dissemination site from which to find and retrieve information, public securities filings and news about publicly traded companies.

SEDI is the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders, established by the applicable securities regulatory authorities. SEDI facilitates the filing and public dissemination of "insider reports" in electronic format via the Internet.

TSX Group:
Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange
TSX Group exchanges are leaders in global mining. Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange are leaders in the mining sector. More mining companies are listed on TSX and TSX Venture Exchange than any other exchange in the world. Combined, Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange have over 1350 mining issuers, valued at over $372.3 billion as of December 31, 2007. In 2007, TSX and TSX Venture mining issuers raised $19.07 billion in equity capital financing in 2007, surpassing the $12.5 billion raised in 2006.


The Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act ("the Act") was enacted in Canada on 16 December 2014, and brought into force on 1 June 2015. This Act delivers on Canada’s international commitments to contribute to global efforts to increase transparency and deter corruption in the extractive sector. The Act requires extractive entities listed on a stock exchange in Canada to publicly disclose, on an annual basis, specific payments made to all governments in Canada and abroad.


ESTMA Report Fiscal 2016

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